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How to easily move a WordPress website from one hosting to another


There are many tutorials on this – most of them better and even plugins exist to easy WordPress website migration. This post for people who like speed. When it comes to WordPress, the database is everything! Login to old website hosting account. Zip the website files. Go back to cpanel dashboard, search for phpmyadmin and open it. Export your website database to your local computer drive...

How to setup a simple church/event Live Streaming


This is how we setup a prayercave church live streaming service, saving you the hustle, this what you need to live stream an event:  A camera & audio (either embedded from the camera HDMI or from an audio mixer) Intensity shuttle capture card – your Laptop/Desktop HDMI port only serve HDMI OUT that is why you need a capture card device to INPUT video signal to your laptop. A laptop with...

Outsource website design and website maintenance in Kenya


Hiring internal competent IT stuff to develop and maintain a company website can strain the business cash flow especially for SME’s and Startups – But hey! that doesn’t mean you settle for mediocre. At Delights Web Services we are experienced, tried and true certified web services consultants. We design and maintain websites for Companies and individuals of all sizes. We read...

Do you really need a website?


Newbies will always tell you YES, but we like answering this question after assessment because if it adds no value to you, its irrelevant, which makes us irrelevant website designers. A website simply is your representation on the internet. It should ease the way you do business with measurable return. Before you order think about these two questions: Why do you need a website? A list if items...

How to get bulk A, MX & NS records Script


Here’s a lazy way to get bulk DNS records for unlimited domains in 30 seconds. Steps to running a bulk A, MX and NS records. Open vim and paste this code # Get domain from CSV dump # Get first filed in CSV dump delimited with comma ## cut -d, -f 1 fetch csv # Get NS from registry of domain for domain in $(cat domains.txt); do echo $domain","$(dig ${domain} a +short)"," $(dig @$(dig...

What is a domain name? How about Web Hosting


Often our clients ask why these two items are billed separately? A domain name is your unique internet identifier, almost similar to the ID number on your National Identity Card, (no one else shares the same ID number). Domain name extensions e.g .com are no longer a big deal – for instance when google restructured to a new parent company Alphabet,  the domain was owned BMW who...

Web Hosting In Kenya


When you web search web hosting – first at the top 4-5 ads will great you, then another 1000 will pop up in organic search, sadly, or most likely all web hosting companies/individuals are the same for reasons ill explain below, what sets us apart is the amount of hard work we put in for our clients. the naked truth Most of these companies marketing posts will read how they are the...

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